September 9, 2021

Dr Debbie Phillips

CCIO & Consultant Surgeon
Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Debbie Phillips has been proud to provide clinical leadership to the IT and informatics team at Milton Keynes University Hospital in her role as CCIO, where she championed the use of the Cerner Millennium EPR eCARE since initial go-live in 2018. This involved her leading the clinical engagement from initial design and build sessions, training, go-live support and subsequent post go-live optimisation. Debbie produced training videos, run eCARE masterclasses and undertook one to one coaching sessions utilising Cerner Advance data / benchmarking.

Debbie took physician architect training which gave her a detailed understanding of what is possible – vital when acting as the bridge between clinicians and IT professionals, but this enabled her to lead on optimisation projects and even build entire workflows. Debbie has championed the use of data from eCARE to monitor patient care, drive adoption of best practice and inform clinical decision making in the organisation and she mastered the use of Microsoft’s power BI to create intuitive dashboards and reports for clinicians.

Debbie has been a firm advocate of the importance of mobile working be that on site or remotely. Trust systems are available securely on both personal devices and trust managed mobile devices. App versions are both our EPR and other systems such as PACs are available to all appropriate users, with Office 365 and MFA rolled out completely across the organisation as key enablers.

Appropriate information sharing is also key and Debbie constantly looks for opportunities to extend the reach of their Health Information Exchange and are one of only 2 UK trusts to allow access to health records with Apple Health.

Through the pandemic Debbie opened the eyes of the organisation to the power of real-time data from the EPR. Initially this proved vital for monitoring the number of covid cases in the organisation, their whereabouts etc but over time has expanded to provide increasing detail. Over the last 4 months through Debbie’s efforts, this learning has enabled the building of dashboards for nursing assessment completion rates and most recently discharge planning dashboards.

Debbie has also completed cohort 2 of the NHS Digital Academy and this year been elected to Digital Health’s CCIO advisory panel.

Debbie has been keen to share our learning and have presented examples of the above at Cerner, at the HealthCare Managers forum, and most recently the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

Other material:
1. Debbie built and published clinicians results endorsed report which has seen results endorsement at our unit rise from 37% to 80% with some departments reaching 90%.

2. Debbie designed and published oxygen dashboard from combination of EPR and separate power-BI app to facilitate successful oxygen stewardship during the second wave of covid.

3. Debbie has also recent designed, built and published inpatient dashboards for senior nurses to highlight safety assessment completion rates, triggering of appropriate care plans and completion of associated triggered tasks. This has resulted in the highest completion rates the chief nurse has ever seen.