November 30, 2018

Stand B18

Stalis: Providing first class data to support first class care

In order to provide the best possible care, healthcare professionals, patients and solution providers require access to good information. Access to better information means that the right decisions are made earlier. Better decisions lead to improved diagnoses, better outcomes, more effective use of resources, improved experiences and increased patient safety.

Unfortunately, the situation today is that data in healthcare is locked away in ‘silos’, in proprietary standards and generally of poor data quality. This means that often decisions are made on whatever minimal information is available with all the resulting inefficiencies and poor patient experience.

With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare data management, Stalis’ solutions, based around our trusted and proven CareXML® technology, create a source of high-quality information to support the modern demands of healthcare.

Andrew Meiner, Managing Director:
Carolyn Elliot, Head of Sales:
Kate Bryan, Head of Solutions: