Explore the crucial intersection of data literacy and workforce challenges in this session. Discover the significance of cultivating data literate staff to bridge the skills gap and tackle prevailing obstacles. Uncover strategies to nurture a continuous improvement culture and empower your team with the capacity skills needed to thrive in a data-driven era. Delve into creative approaches like the Analytics Learning Programme (ALP) to facilitate skill development. Join us to unlock the potential of your workforce and effectively teach skills like AI for a brighter future.

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Ruth Holland

Deputy CIO, Imperial College Healthcare NHS FT & Director of Regions, AphA
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Yusuf Ermak

Partner, Head of Public Sector Analytics, KPMG
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Fayaz Tirmizi

Director, Healthcare Data & Analytics, KPMG
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James Freed

Deputy Director, The NHS Digital Academy, NHS England
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Chair: Monica Jones

Chief Data Officer, University of Leeds & Associate Director, HDR UK
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October 31 @ 12:00
12:00 — 12:45 (45′)

Fayaz Tirmizi, James Freed, Monica Jones, Ruth Holland, Yusuf Ermak

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