September 9, 2021

Emily Wells

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Trust

Leadership – Successfully led and set up the NNUH technology enabled virtual ward during Covid-19, working with a wide range of stakeholders across numerous clinical specialties

Collaboration – Has generously shared learning with others across the country, presented on several national events that have been incredibly well received and enabled other areas to move forward at pace learning from the great work Emily has led on. HAs equally ensure NNUH have utilised learning from elsewhere to avoid duplication of effort.

Patient Focus – Has maintained a patient focus across all this work through ensuring a focus on patient satisfaction levels and patient benefits in bed days saved which enables other patients to utilise those physical beds

Staff focus – Has provided insights into the workforce opportunities that technology enabled care provides and highlights that this has been a truly multidisciplinary team success story.

Strategic Thinking – Has demonstrated thinking big ie opportunities beyond the current work eg opportunity of all specialties to engage with this model of care plus the possibility of a “”digital hospital

Other material:
Collaboration – She has now presented on the NNUH work numerous times and has generously shared learning and resources – see resource 1 below.

Leadership & Patient Focus – Evident in presentations and had a patient representative on the HETT webinar

Staff focus & Strategic Thinking – Evident in presentations.

Further reading:
To access these two resources, you will need to join the Innovation collaborative. To do this email requesting access.

1. Resources that she has shared with others

2. Joint webinar with Airedale (Note – Emily’s presentation starts at 10.41 mins)