September 9, 2021

Sid Singh

CCIO and Consultant Urologist,
George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Sid has been involved in increasing digital maturity for the last 4 years and has managed to develop a strong team of 10 clinical informaticians from a single trust – with 3 of them being enrolled on the NHS digital health leadership course. His leadership skills are exemplary.

Sid has also set up a clinical informatics working group at George Eliot to plan and implement projects.

“Sid Singh is our Chief Clinical Informatics Officer – we feel an exemplar to all CCIOs in UK. He has single handedly created the foundation stone for the first academic department of Clinical Informatics in UK and maybe the first in the world in a small district hospital like George Eliot Hospital.

He inspires by leading from the front, being a role model and places the interests of his clinical informatics fellow consultants and nurses before his own.

He has now created a cohesive and close knit team of 10 medical consultants in Clinical Informatics which are functioning as a strong Clinical Informatics multi-disciplinary team and is using the funding from an imminent EPR implementation to empower these clinicians with time in their job plans. He has not only seeded highest interest of clinical informatics in all of the digital leads who are currently digital champions in their own departments. They are further sources of inspiration for their fellow colleagues and driving the digital transformation campaign at GEH. The credit goes to the mentor, Sid Singh.

He has been instrumental in training and coaching fellow consultants, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Nurses and a Clinical Radiographer in clinical informatics and as a result three, including himself are the proud recipient of the NHS Digital Academy prestigious PG Digital Health Leadership programme. Others are busy doing training in Coursera on the John Hopkins and Minnesota Clinical Informatics programmes and getting to ready to become one of the cohorts of coming NHS Digital Academy.

He has driven the AI agenda and partnered with his consultant colleague – Deputy CCIO to win the AI Skunkworks award and GEH is now racing ahead with AI projects which are funded and is now busy to try and implement this. To achieve this he has been instrumental in coaching a senior clinical radiographer who will be in the very first AI apprenticeship programme run by Health Data Research UK and Cambridge Spark making GEH the only District Hospital in UK to have their very own clinical data scientist.

He has pioneered the curriculum and workplace teaching of BSc Digital Health Students and made his colleagues as faculty at Institute of Digital Health, Warwick University.

He has been active in research and has had success in 4 publications in the last 4 years and plans to make each and every consultant colleague in Clinical Informatics at GEH to co-author and contribute to research in Digital Health.

He is on the national Core Competency Framework workgroup of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics where he is championing Clinical Informatics as speciality in its own right in UK.

And all this, he combines with a full time Clinical Urology job as there has not been enough backfill available in a small hospital of George Eliot Hospital.

In summary, Sid Singh has excelled at leadership, coaching, teaching and research and contributing to the speciality of Clinical Informatics at a national level.”