September 9, 2021

Luke Readman

Digital Transformation Director,
NHS England – London

Leadership – Luke provides regional leadership using a collaborative style and has led the development and delivery of the London Care Record. Luke also chairs the INTEROpen board – a group that drives interoperability in the NHS.

Strategy – Working with colleagues across London Luke has developed the strategic framework for investment in the region.

Delivery – Luke drives a delivery culture, continually targeting London wide delivery of the London Care Record.

Data and Platforms – Luke has driven ICS approaches for innovative use of data and shared platforms, guiding each ICS to make informed decisions.

Other material:
The London Care Record is now accessed roughly 750k times a month by clinical and operational staff. The London Care Record platform connects 30 NHS Acute Trusts and 1400 GP practices in London.

Luke has been a senior digital leader for over 20 years. The result of Luke’s work with INTEROpen has resulted in the development of interoperability becoming a policy issue. Luke is now leading the conversation around data and trusted research environments which will result in a better understanding as to how data can be used and shared to support improved health and care for Londoners.

Luke supported the London citizen deliberation – ensuring that all Londoners are represented in the use of their data. This resulted in the largest cohort of individuals from diverse backgrounds attending a 2-day seminar and the creation of a deliberation report.

Over his career Luke has also led the Cerner deployment at Barts hospital and is a renowned digital leadership and IT systems expert. Luke has a broad network of colleagues who respect and value his opinion – Luke is a valued member of the digital health community.

Luke has led the creation of the Discovery Data Service – a data platform that now holds 7m patient records in London. This service now provides three ICS with the data and analytics required to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, cohort analysis to support improved care for chronic conditions and supports public health research programmes in North East London, South East London and North West London.

Luke has led the regional team through a COVID pandemic supporting the management of the regional vaccination programme, the delivery of remote monitoring for pulsed oximetry and the rapid rollout of access to the London Care Record in the most appropriate care settings.

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