September 9, 2021

Mike Jones

Associate CCIO (CNIO),
Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS FT

1 – long service to Nursing and digital. Mike has been an experienced nurse and worked on some of the earliest mental health systems starting in Sussex and eventually working pan London.
2 – managing a successful NPfIT programme for London. Mike was programme manager for mental health systems in London, one of the few successes of the national programme for IT
3 – following this he has had a successful career in clinical informatics at a few mental health trusts developing EPRs including CNTW contributing to the GDE programme.
4 – supporting sharing of mental health information via the Great North Care record. Developing clinical safety cases for CNTW, one of the first trusts to go live on GNCR for viewing and sharing data.
5 – extensive networking. Mike has been a lynchpin of mental health clinical networks for years.

Other material:
Mike has over 50 years NHS experience with at least the last 20 years being in clinical informatics.

NPfIT in London implemented over 39 instances of RiO many of them mental health with Mike as programme manager.

The GNCR is one of the most successful shared care record systems with over 250,000 views per month, mental health records which are generally considered sensitive and difficult to share are available to many settings including primary care, emergency departments and social care.

Mike is quite a modest man but works away behind the scenes of many projects and isn’t probably well known outside of mental health. However, he is well known and respected by his peers and transcends CIO, CNIO and CCIO networks.

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