September 9, 2021

Sarah Hanbridge

The Christie NHS FT

(1) Sarah has a vision for how technology and innovation can enhance and improve patient care.

(2) Sarah is a fantastic mentor, coach, and a fantastic leader. She is visible, approachable, and encouraging to staff within our organisation.

(3) Sarah is a Florence Nightingale Scholar, has been recently appointed Chair of the CNIO advisory panel for the Digital Health Network and has set up and chaired the Northwest CNIO Network.

(4) Sarah has been crucial in setting up a safe process at our Organisation for Clinical Safety and continues to make improvements in this area.

(5) Sarah is passionate about patient care but also the staff that provide it. She is driven, determined and a visionary.

Other material:
After years working in Oncology and 18yrs in the same role I had lost my direction and focus. Sarah completed a review of our team’s service by completing process maps and processes to look at ways we could improve our service delivery. It was during her work with us that her passion for nursing and, the move towards digital technology to improve care, was apparent. I had never considered moving into the role of a Digital Nurse but her enthusiasm, leadership and support gave me the vision to see how my knowledge and skills in Oncology could be used in a different way.

Since working with Sarah I have a renewed enthusiasm for striving to deliver the best care with the patient always as the focus point. We have two Digital Nurses now and I have never been busier. The teams within the Digital Division said they could not manage without us now. Sarah continues to strive to achieve and has a vision to increase the team with both nurses and AHP’s. She has recently been appointed Chair of the CNIO advisory panel for the Digital Health Network and has also set up the CNIO Northwest Network along with being a Florence Nightingale Scholar. I am extremely honoured to be able to work with such a talented, supportive, and encouraging mentor and coach.

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